Membership & Recognition

Membership and professional recognition for sustainable development are also key success factors to support the on-going development of the 17 SDGs and the sustainability of the earth. We at WISDP have established different types and levels of Memberships to recognize the knowledge, culture and contribution of individuals and organizations on sustainable development, which includes the Certified Sustainable Development Planner (CSDP) for individual and the Certified Sustainable Development Corporation (CSDC) for organizations. WISDP welcomes individuals and organizations to join our membership programme and further develop their careers, businesses and to become a pioneer in sustainable development in their respective fields.



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Sustainability of The Earth

Stepping into the 21st century, we face many problems regarding sustainability of our planet, such as the impacts from Nuclear War & Inequality,   Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas,  Pollution (Land & Ocean), and Disease & Infection. United Nations adopted Agenda 2030 including its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 to advocate sustainable development to all countries, and have set a target to achieve the 169 sustainable development targets in year 2030. All member states of United Nations have started to set and implement their own sustainable development targets and programmes. To support and do our part in advocating the 17 SDGs, UNESCO HK Association, together with WISDP, aim to promote professional training to individuals as well as organizations, and provide certified membership for recognition. We at WISDP hope that our professional training on sustainable development and membership recognition can help to improve the career development of individuals and business formulation of corporations in contributing to a better world.

Professional Training   

Professional training for sustainable development is important for career development in today’s world where we are facing countless challenges in sustainability. WISDP works with universities and training institutes to provide professional training to individuals of different professions and industries to fulfill sustainability-related training requirements. Our sustainable development training programmes include but are not limited to areas such as Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Finance and Investment, Health Society and Wellness, Early Childhood Education, Sustainability in Engineering and Sustainable development in Insurance. WISDP recognized Professional Training programmes will be updated from time to time regarding the latest development concerning WISDP.
















Certified Sustainable Development Planner (CSDP)
Certified Sustainable Development Corporation (CSDC)
FSDC Practitioner Speakers Series: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy for Hong Kong

Date : 25 February 2019 (Monday),  Time : 6:30pm Registration 7:00pm-8:20pm,  Venue : HKU SPACE Lecture Theatre, Room 204, Admiralty Centre